Foil Me is an Australian company, established in the quaint city of Adelaide in early 2014. It primarily consists of owners who are husband and wife: Emily and Iliano Ciardiello.

Foil Me are known and loved all over the world for their unique, fun, effective, environmentally friendly and time saving foils where the appointment time for the client is shorter compared with the use of other foils on the market. Foil Me foils will benefit your customers in the following ways:

SAVES YOU TIME – The signature embossing prevents slipping and assists with quicker processing time

CONVENIENT – The ’tissue box’ design allows neat and quick dispensing, without sticking

ELEGANT – A sleek and luxurious design that suits any salon decor

CHOICE – A range of sizes and thickness for all colouring techniques

ENVIRONMENTAL – Foil Me cares about the environment and the effect that the hair industry can have on mother nature, therefore their packaging and foils are 100% recyclable and the foils are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium.